This is probably the most difficult healing for any healer and I realized it only after I awakened to the fact that I was a Twin flame.

Twin flames are two pieces of the same soul in different bodies, incarnated separately for many lifetimes and try to come together every time. Unfortunately, many non-twin flame healers don’t understand these vibrational patterns and assume that this relationship is toxic or narcisstic.  So when they heal Twin flames, they give some hurtful feedback about the relationships.

I have realized that awakening to unconditional love despite being born into dysfunctional families and growing under challenging circumstances is the most beautiful experience in the world. But the ultimate goal is to work on myself where I dissolve all the prejudices and patterns that I have acquired over many lifetimes and wake up to the true purpose of a light-worker. I have since then healed many twin flames in their journey to awakening and ascension.

When Twin flames trigger each other, their egoes are hurt and everything that they believed is either threatened or questioned. But these are caused by the Soul as it is throbbing with a desire to break free from egoistical and superficial human patterning and open to unconditional love.  This can be an extremely painful and a traumatic process when a person with no background in spirituality, meditation or ascension awakens to their Twin flame journey. My endeavor has been to ease this process by calming them and healing them so that they can quieten their ego and call upon their Soul to reflect on the triggers. When both the souls purify, become whole and come together (be it physical union or the inner union), they create a divine life of togetherness that will increase the vibrations of the earth.

The most striking part of healing a Twin flame is that, it is never about healing one person. It is healing two people simultaneously. This is because of the permanent energetic cords between the Twin flames and the emotions are always flowing back and forth between them. These cords should be cleaned very carefully. There is a lot of debate about cutting cords between the Twin flames when one of the Twin is overwhelmed.  I consider cutting unhealthy cords as a necessary step to preserve the emotional stability of the twin that is overwhelmed. The silver energy cord needs to be cleaned only. Also, Twin flames are mirrors of each other – so when one of them is healed, the other also reflects the healing. And last but not the least, the chakras of the twin flames merge over time. So whenever I heal the chakra of one of the twins, it automatically also heals the chakra of the other twin.

  Twin flame Healing – USD 15 / INR 1000 per session