As strange as it may sound, I have worked with patients who could not eat or drink anything – not even water, despite having healthy chakras. There were apparently no issues in their health and every other Doctor whom they consulted could not put their finger on the medical reasons why the patients could not eat food or drink water.

Such patients are classic cases where they have come under the influence of Psychic hooks –  an undesirable and dangerous control technique by people who are of lower vibrational frequency. Without delving into the reasons why people even employ such control techniques, we need to understand that these malicious control methods are available for anyone who seeks to use them against a person of their choice.

Also, a lot of entities have access to our energy systems. These entities are lower vibrational beings that will attach to anyone with whom they find a vibrational match, because they derive energetic sustenance/ food from such people. When we think of good thoughts, have good intentions, love everyone unconditionally, think only positive thoughts and raise our vibrations thru charity, service, good will and the will to do good, we invite angels to be around us. When we give importance to negative feelings in our system like – anger, jealousy, hatred, malice etc, we end up inviting these harmful entities who, once they attach themselves to us, can make us do a whole lot of undesirable things that we can’t even think of doing, in the right mind.

I am adept at seeing such entities and psychic hooks and have a thorough knowledge of removing them.

Not many know it, but almost everything in life can be healed from houses to work spaces, from businesses to relationships – anything tangible and intangible can be healed using Energy.

All of us have those bad moments where under the influence of emotional upheavals, we say hurtful things that we can’t take back and permanently end up losing someone. Well, all of those relationships can be turned around and healed using Energy healing techniques. The relationship might or might not go back to what it was, but atleast we don’t lose the hurt individual permanently – they will find the strength in their heart to give the other person a second chance.

Similarly, when others hurt us, it becomes extremely difficult for us to even process what they said. Here is a little secret – we don’t have to process them, we just have to forgive them. Forgiveness is the solution to all the sufferings of man-kind. In forgiving others, we are forgiven.

Healing Charges


 Relationship Healing – USD 15 / INR 1000 per hour

 Business Healing – USD 15 / INR 1000 per hour

 House/Home cleansing and Healing – USD 15 / INR 1000 per hour

 Healing for Abundance – USD 15 / INR 1000 per hour