Soul mates are two souls that reincarnate into earth from the same soul family. They can also be the same star seeds. However, Soul mates reincarnate to help each other learn their lessons and evolve into higher beings.  The difference between Twin flames and soul mates is that, while the Twin flame relationship is waved at our faces with a reunion of souls in order to bait us into doing our Spiritual work, a soul mate relationship pushes us to discover our true strengths and weaknesses and help us elevate in our life purposes, objectives and goals.

Healing of Soul mates is also important as our preconceived notions of a perfect relationship can destroy a true soul mate relationship. Also, when we are not receptive of love, possibly due to all the rejections and dejections that we have faced in our lives, we lose the capability of even identifying true love even when it is right in front of us.

Soul mate relationships are like breath of fresh air where we have a loving, understanding partner who is with us when we have to unravel the mysteries of the experiences and lessons of this lifetime. However, we also need to understand that it is we who create our own reality. Essentially, Soul mates come into our lives to break all our misunderstandings and misgivings on life experiences that we have undergone across so many lifetimes. They challenge us to let go of all our deeply-rooted beliefs and open up to new possibilities on love and life.

In my opinion, the difference between Twin flames and Soul mates lies only in the fact that Twin flames are born with the soul intent to do their Spiritual work and achieve inner union without an expectation of a physical union. Soulmates on the other hand, come as an evolutionary step in the elevation of the consciousness where we have to shed our negative life experiences and emotions and create a positive outlook. There can be more than one Soulmate, but only one Twin flame for every soul.

In either case, the Spiritual work and healing are of paramount importance and I am blessed to have a role in this important ascension process for Twin flames and Soul mates. The Spiritual work of the individuals play a very vital role in the union of two souls – may it be a Twin flame or a Soul mate relationship. But as a healer, I know that this can be a very difficult journey and at best, it destroys a person and builds them anew. Such souls are broken and collapsed and rebuilt to reunite with each other and it is my mission to support such people who are not scared to face their ugly parts. As and when they encounter their ugly parts and thrown into misery, I can address them at an energetic level and remove their negative emotions, thereby quickly helping them to get back on foot and move to the next level. I heal from a heart- space of unconditional love and always bless the two wonderful souls on their journey.

Healing Charges – USD 15 or Rs.1000 per session