I am a gifted Psychic who can see the future and can give readings based on what I see. I can give readings for almost all life situations. I use remote viewing, so distance is never a constraint. I can feel what people feel and can give an accurate description of what they are going thru in their life and reason out their behaviour – this is extremely useful when communication issues are ripping away the relationship and both the individuals are frustrated with each other.


Whenever I see people’s future, I see visions that are very subjective and depend on the energy of the people at that time. However, when people engage in good karma like forgiving and seeking forgiveness, perform charity, meditate and heal themselves, their energy changes in due course. At that time, the original prediction may not come true and the outcome after the energy upgrade can be more wonderful. I always say this to people who seek my readings to have them outperform themselves against what I predict for them. It is truly a blessed feeling to be able to see them elevate their consciousness and break away from 3D patterns.

Please be specific with your questions and timelines for maximum accuracy.

Spiritual Reading Charges


USD 7 / INR 500 per Question


USD 30 / INR 2000 for 5 questions