It would be very interesting to know that many physical ailments start out as mental or emotional issues. We live in a world where, under the name of culture /civilization/sophistication, individuals are getting choked without being able to express themselves or live their highest form of truth. Material comforts are given priority over ethics. Money supersedes the bad Karmic consequences. Anyone unwillingly participating in these digressions from the natural laws of the Universe, find their truth stuck in their Chakras and the those blocks manifest as various other kind of illnesses.

For instance, fear energy stuck in the root chakra keeps a person constantly worried about their financial and other worries related to basic needs. Speech impediments and communication issues relate to a congested throat chakra owing to supressed expressions. It would come as a surprise when I say that the throat chakra and sex chakra are connected, as many people who have a blocked throat chakra can also have sterility issues. The converse is also true – people with overactive throat chakra can also have over-active sex chakra – this is probably the reason why we see so many marriages and affairs in the life of prominent public figures like actors, artists, politicians etc, who make their living thru their over active throat chakra , that is, thru their expressions.

Emotional issues primarily arise from suppressed negative emotions. The Solar plexus is the seat of the emotional will and when people suppress all their negative emotions, the energy becomes congested in the Solar plexus chakra. As the energy flows down to the lower Navel chakra, there is a small chakra called the Meng mein, which is behind the Navel chakra, which pumps the energies to the higher chakras like heart and back head. This is the reason why, too much stress, anger or anxiety causes heart diseases and sometimes lead to haemorrhages in the brain.

Energy body is interspersed within physical body even though it is not visible to the naked eye. It provides a lot of information, probably even more than what the patients can themselves tell me. When I pick up certain odd details of what they are experiencing or tell them an additional symptom or effect that they are feeling, they are surprised at the accuracy of my diagnosis. Such moments make me feel grateful to my Master for making me see the subtle issues even though the outward symptoms could be grossly misleading.


   Healing Charges :  USD 15 / INR 1000 per Hour